02one SERIES - 02one H750/H810​

  • This oxygen chamber is designed especially for those experiencing ailments, such as burns, wounds, and the like. However, anyone can benefit from treatment!
  • Through the use of our chambers, people have experienced a reduction in stress, better blood flow, accelerated healing, and much more.
  • All of this, in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment, in your own home.
  • Easy-entry This chamber is simple to enter, with a smoothly-opening sliding door on the side. The 02one H750/H810 is specially designed to make entry easy for burn victims, and others who find it harder to move.
  • Emergency button. Of course, every good oxygen chamber should come with an emergency turn off! In case you experience a health issue or the like, this will both alert others to your situation, and trigger a release in the pressure (which ends the session).
  • Interphone. This oxygen chamber has its own interphone, which will allow you to communicate with others outside of the chamber. Enjoy some company during your session, if you like. 
  • Window. Like all O2one oxygen chambers, the 02one H750/H810 has a convenient, wide window that you can look both in and out of. 
  • Automatic air pressure control system. For your safety, and for the most effective treatment, this chamber controls the pressure within with precision. With the 02one H750/H810, you will not have to worry about exceeding the recommended pressure level. 
  • Timer. In this chamber, it can be easy to relax. This is great, but you don’t want to doze off and miss the rest of your schedule! This chamber includes a timer so that you can monitor your session. And know when to be done.
  • Easy install. This chamber is user-friendly in every way; it is easy to install, operate, and move. This makes the 02one H750/H810 suitable for everyone.
  • Air cooling system. Experience your oxygen therapy in comfort, with a high tech air cooling system. This will keep the temperature at an ideal range, and create comfortable ventilation and airflow.
  • 5l/M oxygen generator. This chamber means business, with a 5l/M oxygen generator running the show. The state-of-the-art generator provides pure, fresh oxygen at a rate that is both safe, and effective. 

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Why Choose The O2one H3000​?

Security and Convenience

This chamber is nothing if not safe! With a timer to help you keep track, an automatic pressure control system and even an emergency button, the 02one H750/H810 will keep you secure. For communication inside and outside of the chamber, these models even include a handy interphone.
So that you can get the most enjoyment as well as benefits from your therapy, this chamber is air-conditioned and cool.

Enhance Your Health

Oxygen therapy has been found to literally bring dying body tissue to life. The carefully regulated air pressure boosts the oxygen to weakening vessels and capillaries, and so on. This infuses them with blood… and life. With this chamber, you can help entire muscles, or wounds, heal.
Some even use oxygen chambers to aid in healing skin grafts and the like. With the 02one H750/H810, you can accomplish this with simple, pleasant treatments in your own home.