O2one H3000​

  • The O2one H3000 is a high-end oxygen chamber that you can use at home.
  • Powered by a 5l/M oxygen generator, it provides pure oxygen.
  • An air conditioner in the chamber creates an environment that is pleasantly cool.
  • This is a beneficial and relaxing therapy many have come to love.
  • 5l/M oxygen generator. A powerful, energy-efficient 5l/M oxygen generator supplies oxygen to the O2one H3000 chamber. Access pure oxygen at home.
  • Two pressure options. The pure oxygen of the O2one H3000 is pressurized at between 2pi and 4psi. This pressure boosts the oxygen directly into your bloodstream, including compromised capillaries, and more. Choose the pressure at which you feel the most comfortable. Both are beneficial.
  • Safety knob. Should you have trouble getting up, or if you for any reason feel the need to stop your session immediately, just pull the safety knob. This will release the pressure, as well as trigger an emergency bell. 
  • Window. This chamber includes a convenient, wide viewing window. During your therapy, you can look out at your leisure. Or, if you wish, others (such as your caretaker, spouse, children, or pets), may look in.
  • Timer. During your therapy session, you will want to let your mind roam free and relax. Let the handy timer do the keeping track.
  • Emergency bell. This chamber has an emergency bell, which is paired with the safety knob. This will make sure that you get the assistance you need, and fast! 
  • Easy install. The O2one H3000 is easy to install. It is also simple to operate and to move. This chamber is hassle-free.
  • Air cooling system. To prevent the chamber from becoming muggy or warm, O2one H3000 includes a top-quality air cooling system. This keeps the chamber environment comfortably well-ventilated and cool. 

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Why Choose The O2one H3000​?

Breathe Easier

With the O2one H3000, you will literally breathe easier. The 5l/M oxygen generator fills the state-of-the-art chamber with o2 that is clean and pure. The chamber pressurizes the oxygen, boosting it into your body on a cellular level. The oxygen will travel from your lungs to even the smallest capillaries, helping weakened, damaged, or even dying tissue to heal.
With this chamber, you will receive health benefits with each, oxygen-enriched breath you take.

Access Your Own Oxygen Chamber In Your Home

Oxygen chambers used to be far more expensive and hard-to-access (as is the way with new-gen technology!) Now, you can have your own oxygen chamber in your home. Many have found health improvements from a quick session a day, or a few times a week. Simply use the user-friendly slide door to enter the pristine, air-conditioned chamber, and enjoy an oxygen therapy session where you can really relax.