Oxysys M4000/4500

  • This oxygen chamber is one of the finest available.
  • The Oxysys M4000/4500 is specially designed to deliver pressurized oxygen to the bloodstream. Here, the oxygen will directly penetrate each red blood cell and significantly increase your oxygen supply overall.
  • With the Oxysys M4000/4500, you can experience the many benefits of improved oxygen in your body. This includes an enhanced immune response, faster healing, and more.
  • A quality oxygen chamber will even boost oxygen into hard-to-reach, compromised tissues, vessels, and the like, literally breathing in new life!
  • 5l/M oxygen generator. The Oxysys M4000/4500 is outfitted with a state-of-the-art, 5l/M oxygen generator. When it comes to providing oxygen, this generator is super effective, safe, and powerful.
  • Two pressure options. Choose between 2psi and 4psi.
  • Safety knob. Every good oxygen chamber should have a safety knob. You can use this to immediately release the pressure, in case of an emergency or the like. 
  • Window. There is a nice, wide viewing window in the chamber that you can look out of at your leisure. A caretaker can look in as well.
  • Timer. A handy timer will allow you to set your therapy time.
  • Emergency bell. The safety knob will also trigger an emergency bell. 
  • Easy install. This oxygen chamber is not only easy to install, but also simple and hassle-free to move.
  • Air cooling system. For your optimum comfort, this chamber has an air cooling system. This will keep the air inside from becoming muggy or warm. Instead, you will enjoy an environment that is well-ventilated, cozy, and cool. 
  • Bed slide method. This chamber has a bed slide method, for easy access to burn patients and others who may find it difficult to move.

Digital pressure sensor. The Oxysys M4000/4500 includes a sensitive digital pressure sensor. This will ensure that the pressure does not exceed the ideal level(s).

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Why Choose The Oxysys M4000/4500?

Improved Health

 Oxygen is integral to every process in our body. The o2one uses a 5l/M oxygen generator to effectively infuse you with oxygen, accelerating healing processes, and enhancing your health overall.

Comfort and Safety

For your comfort, you can get into this chamber with an easy bed slide method. Once inside, you will find an environment that is well-ventilated and comfortably cool.
To keep the air pressure at the safest, most ideal level, there is digital pressure control. And, in case the need arises, there is an easily accessible knob-and-bell.