02one SERIES - 02one H750/H810​

  • Humans have been using oxygen therapy to improve their health for a long time.
  • Now, pets experience the benefits, too, with the Pet Chamber Series Pet Chamber.
  • This Pet Chamber is specially-designed for dogs, cats, and the like.
  • Always talk to your vet before starting any therapy for your pet, or yourself.
  • Has been said to improve metabolism. We depend on oxygen for virtually every bodily function we have. This includes the metabolic process. Oxygen therapy can improve metabolism and aid in weight control not just for humans, but for pets as well.
  • Has been said to reduce stress. There are many pollutants in the air today. Our bodies work harm to eliminate them. Animals are even more sensitive than we are. Some fresh, clean oxygen to breathe can help their body relax, and offer stress relief.
  • Hard and soft chamber options available. Choose between a hard or soft chamber, depending on what you require.
  • Window. You and your pet can see each other through a window. This will allow you to ensure they are doing okay, and they will be happy to know you are there.
  • Fracture repair. A fracture is a deep break in the bone. A great deal of bone tissue must be regrown in order for the fracture to heal. Oxygen can help your very bone tissue to regrow!
  •  Amputations. The flesh around an amputation site will need to regrow, and begin anew. Oxygen is key to this process, and can heal the area to heal. 
  •  Skin grafts. Burn patients are some of the most common users of oxygen therapy. This is because oxygen is key when it comes to growing back body cells, including the skin. Pets with skin grafts can benefit from oxygen therapy as well.

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Why Choose The Pet Chamber?

Do you have an oxygen chamber of your own, and want to share the benefits with your pet? Now you can. This is a state-of-the-art oxygen chamber that you can use for your pet at home.
Oxygen therapy can help if your pet has undergone a surgery, experienced an injury, or the like. For almost any ailment, oxygen therapy has been found to help heal.
This pet chamber is nice and easy to install. The unit is also simple to operate, and to move.
You can keep an eye on your little buddy through a handy viewing window.

Improve Pet Health

As you can see, many have found oxygen chambers to be beneficial. They have even found it to help their pets heal. You can include oxygen therapy as a part of your pet’s health routine. Just make sure to check with the vet that it is okay, and get all of the proper care. This oxygen chamber is an aid only. But what an aid it is! With the pet chamber, your pet can potentially get help with amputations, skin grafts, fracture repair, stress-reduction, and more.