Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Welcome to Oxygen Chambers AU – Australia’s supplier of the most incredible hyperbaric chambers. We supply chambers that are found in hospitals worldwide used to treat a range of ailments. we supply hyperbaric chambers for commercial and domestic use. Our clients range from natural health centers to sports teams and athletes. We are also happy to supply portable chambers to health enthusiasts and the public at large. You enjoy the benefits of pure, pressurized oxygen, right in your own home.

How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Work?

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber increases the air pressure within up to three times, which causes your lungs and body to take in more oxygen than you would in normal air pressure. These chambers use state-of-the-art generators to provide nearly 100% oxygen. The pressure boosts the pure oxygen into the body, all the way to the smallest blood vessels, capillaries, and the like. A hyperbaric chamber is designed to give the body a potent O2 dose. This is for the treatment of specific conditions, or simply for overall health.

The best hyperbaric chambers have a comfortable design. During oxygen therapy, you should be able to relax. Many of the finest hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers have built-in air conditioning, to keep the environment filtered and cool. Chambers come with one window, so you can look out at your leisure. This window will also allow others to check on you, should you feel it is necessary. For security, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber should come with an emergency knob and bell.

The ideal chamber will also come with a timer, so you can keep track! An excessively long session is one of the few aspects that can prove a risk. This will help eliminate it nicely.

How Does Oxygen Help Your Body?

We all know that you need oxygen to breathe, but what exactly does it do to help the body? Simply put, our bodies use O2 to burn fatty acids, sugars, and the like, and convert them to energy. Without O2, we would cease to function. Alternatively, an increased amount of oxygen can increase your energy and your health.

Did you know that the blood vessels in vital organs, like the kidneys, are tiny? These intricate capillaries can be hard for your red blood cells to pass through. The result is that your organs, especially those that are unhealthy, are not receiving O2 at the optimum level. This can inhibit how well these organs work.

This treatment effectively boosts O2 into your bloodstream and to all parts of your body. This enhances its function overall. For those suffering from an ailment or disease, greater oxygen supply can speed the renewal of cells, and bring blood flow and energy to damaged tissue. Many have used hyperbaric medicine to improve their life.

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What Can Hyperbaric Medicine Treat?

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning will cause the body to become deprived of oxygen, and can often prove fatal. Because hyperbaric medicine focuses on increasing oxygen supply, it can prove quite helpful to those making a recovery.
  • Decompression sickness. This is one of the conditions that divers especially have been known to suffer and partly why the hyperbaric chamber came to be.
  • Crush injury. In crush injuries, a lot of body tissue is damaged or destroyed. Many opt for alternative methods along with classic treatments in order to help this body tissue regrow… one of the best of which is oxygen therapy!
  • Exceptional blood loss. When a great deal of blood is lost, so is a great deal of oxygen. A hyperbaric medical chamber will endeavor to swiftly replenish your O2.
  • Skin graft or skin flap. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to encourage cells to renew and grow. This can make it ideal for those that need skin to regrow.
  • Radiation therapy side-effects or injury. Hyperbaric medical treatment can help those undergoing radiation therapy bounce back. As unhealthy tissue is eliminated, your body will need plenty of assistance to regrow the new.
  • Gangrene. Gangrene simply refers to the death of body tissue. This is something that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help slow, and it can also help replace old tissue with tissue that is regrown and new.
  • Infection of the skin or bone (that causes tissue death). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can literally breathe life into your body. When skin or bone begins to die off from infection, a chamber will help revitalize and energize the tissue accordingly. This can potentially help save damaged tissue while encouraging new tissue growth.
  • Sudden hearing loss. The hyperbaric chamber is one of the various types of treatment used for sudden hearing loss. Although, some ear conditions also cause increased HBOT risk. See the risks below.
  • Sudden vision loss. The hyperbaric chamber is administered as a treatment to those with sudden vision loss. This, along with various other treatment types that they give a try. HBOT should always be paired with standard medical procedures, and not as a replacement. It is meant simply to be helpful… and many have enjoyed improved health and faster healing with the therapy.
  • Diabetic foot ulcers and other non-healing wounds. A hyperbaric chamber can be used by diabetics for ulcer treatment; the treatment is also suitable for most non-healing wounds and the like.
  • Brain abscess. Perhaps more than any other part of our body, our brains need oxygen. Otherwise, they will quickly begin to die, and serious, long-term damage can be done. If you have experienced brain access, stroke, or the like, you may benefit from oxygen therapy. This treatment can help replenish the oxygen in your brain, and help the cells to regrow.
  • Burns. Burns often involve the death of a lot of skin and finer tissue. A hyperbaric chamber can aid the growth of new skin, and help any remaining, viable skin to heal.

Are There Risks To Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Yes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy does have a few risks. Fortunately, the side-effects are normally quite mild! The chances of negative side-effects increase significantly if you undergo a session of 2 hours or more. This means, make sure to use a timer (often built-in) to keep track.

You should not try HBOT if you have a lung disease, or if you have experienced a collapsed lung, gas embolism, etc. There is simply too much air pressure in the chamber. The same goes for if you have had a recent ear injury or surgery. Without due care, you can experience lung damage, hearing loss, vision loss, and even oxygen poisoning (if you are in the chamber for too long).

What Are the General Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

As touched on above, oxygen is a precious resource for all life. Everything on this planet depends on it in some way to function. Humans must breathe in oxygen constantly. Unfortunately, our atmosphere is much depleted in oxygen now. This is thanks to pollution and the like.

An oxygen chamber can literally give you a breath of fresh air, with pure, air-conditioned O2 delivered to you directly. This will boost oxygen directly into your bloodstream, delivering it to each red blood cell. This a great way to help muscle repair if you exercise. Or, if you have damaged or wounded tissue, this treatment can help it to regrow.