Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers - Oxysys 4000 / 450

Portable SL/M oxygen generator

Induces hyper-pressure

2 controllable pressures: 2psi and 4psi

Wide and convenient transparent viewing window

Adjustable timer for therapy

Boosts the natural healing process of your body

Chambers reduce oxygen toxicity

The portable 4000 has a one-person capacity

The portable Oxysys 4500 has a one-person and caretaker capacity

Safety specifications: emergency chamber safety knob and bell

Chamber is portable

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This portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber comes in two options: the 4000, with a one-person capacity, and the 4500, with a one-person and caretaker capacity. These hyperbaric chambers use state-of-the-art SL/M portable oxygen generators to deliver and pressurize oxygen in the bloodstream. They are customizable, offering two controllable pressures: 2psi and 4psi.

The chamber is lightweight and portable. There is an adjustable timer for your oxygen therapy, so you can relax without having to worry about losing track of time. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber has a nice, wide viewing window, and air conditioning, to keep you comfortable. For your peace of mind, there is even an emergency safety knob and bell.

Your very own portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber can speed the natural healing process of your body, including cerebral palsy, brain injury, sports accidents, and more. Since we depend so greatly on oxygen, just about any ailment can benefit from improved oxygen flow.

Main Features

  • Induces hyper-pressure. The primary purpose of a mild hyperbaric chamber is to induce hyper-pressure, thereby improving your blood flow and vascular supply.
  • Boosts the natural healing process of your body. Oxygen that has been dissolved in plasma is more capable of reaching tissues that have poor blood flow. Hyperbaric chambers will increase the growth of new tissue and the vitality of your body overall.
  • Potentiates antibiotics and increases their penetration into body tissue. A hyperbaric chamber is said to boost the efficacy of antibiotics. After all, antibiotics absorb into the bloodstream. It stands to reason, then, that improved vascular supply would deliver antibiotics more effectively.
  • Safety knob for pressure release. No need to fear if you are claustrophobic. These hyperbaric chambers come with safety knobs, to release the pressure in the case of an emergency. There is also an emergency bell.
  • Portable SL/M oxygen generator.
  • Chamber is portable.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable timer for hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  •  Wide and convenient transparent viewing window. Look through the hyperbaric chamber with ease.
  • Easy installation. These portable hyperbaric chambers have simple to use and have helpful instructions and install information.
  • Compare to the Vitaeris 320, the Solace 210, the Fortius 420, the Respiro 270, and the Quamvis 320.

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